SNPs ZS252 and ZS261 available for testing

Y-SNP markers ZS252 and ZS261 are now available for testing at Family Tree DNA. These markers, along with others in ZS250-ZS263 range, were discovered on chromosome Y of a Finnish J-L816 person published by 1000 Genomes project. Subsequently, ZS261 was also found on chromosome Y of another J-L816 person published by Personal Genomes Project. To evaluate the phylogenetic importance of these SNPs, they need to be tested by members of each subgroup in our FTDNA project.

L817, L818, L816 added to ISOGG Haplogroup J tree

The International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG) has added SNP markers L817, L818, L816 to their Haplogroup J tree. The broader J-P58 clade (earlier known as J1c3, J1e), has become J1a2b as per the current version of ISOGG tree. L817 was added as J1a2b3, L818 as J1a2b3a, and L816 as J1a2b3a1.

L818 found to be downstream of L817

A descendant of a Syrian Jew (member of Y-DNA Haplogroup J project) has tested positively for SNP marker L817 but negatively for L818. Thus, a yet another level of our clade's phylogeny is now defined by its own SNP marker.

Confirmed Middle-Eastern case of J-L817

A Kurdish person has tested positively for SNPs L817 and L818 but negatively for SNP L816 in Family Tree DNA testing. This result is the same as the one obtained in 2012 in a person whose paternal lineage originates from Germany and is the first confirmed J-L817 case in a member of a Middle-Eastern nation other than Jews.

Bnei Yahya project renamed into J-L817 clade project

Following the approval by Haplogroup J project administrators and Family Tree DNA, Bnei Yahya project was renamed into J-L817 clade project and moved to Y-DNA haplogroup projects category.

New website content

As the year draws to a close, we decided it's time to update our website based on the facts about our paternal lineage we have accumulated thus far, and some speculative hypotheses that arise from these facts.

SNPs L817 and L818 turn out to be upstream of L816

A J1c3* kit tested positively for SNP markers L817 and L818 and negatively for L816. The kit in question has the following Y-STR results: DYS392=14, DYS439=12. The kit owner's earliest known paternal ancestor was from Germany; he reports no known Jewish or other Middle-Eastern ancestry. The kit in question is 19 steps away from the base haplotype based on more than sixty 67-marker tests that are confirmed or predicted to be L816+ (among the latter, the most remote ones are only 9 steps away from the base haplotype). Let me express our thanks to Don for ordering the tests!

Two positive cases of L816-L818 confirmed in FTDNA testing

The hypothesis that SNPs L816, L817 and L818 can provide the basis to strictly define our cluster as a subclade of Y-DNA haplogroup J1c3 has received new confirmation: two members of our FTDNA project tested positively for all of these SNPs.

Bnei Yahya project launched at Family Tree DNA

In order to facilitate the study of male lineages that belong to J1c3* Yahya cluster we have launched the Bnei Yahya project at Family Tree DNA. All persons who tested at or transferred their Y-DNA results to Family Tree DNA, are predicted or confirmed to belong to Y-DNA haplogroup J1, and have DYS392~13 are encouraged to join the project.

L816, L817 and L818 are available for testing at FTDNA

L816, L817, and L818 have been made available for testing at Family Tree DNA. Persons whose STR haplotype is close to the modal haplotype of J1c3* Jewish Cluster A are encouraged to test for SNPs L816, L817, and L818. To order an SNP test, FTDNA customers need to select "Order Tests and Uprgrades" in My Account section at their My FTDNA page, go to "Order Advanced Tests", select "SNP" in the drop-down menu, and choose a particular SNP.


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